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A Natural Body Lotion That Works

There is a wide variety of skin care products that have been developed lately, each has a specific purpose – some are moisturizers, lotions, gels, fillers and many others. However when you are going to use any product on your skin you should carefully evaluate its effectiveness and how safe it is organic body lotion.

I have found that many of the skin care products, fragrances, and body lotions on the market contain synthetic ingredients, chemicals and other substances that are not safe to use on the skin or they are not healthy for your skin.

There are 3 types of skin oily, combination and dry skin, there are body lotions of each type, but you should be aware because usually those lotions are not natural and can be unhealthy for your skin especially if they contain alcohol. Alcohol drys the skin and then causes wrinkles.

Natural Body Lotions

But there are women and mens body lotion that are natural and contain only powerful organic ingredients that no other lotion in the market contain.

For example the body lotions from New Zealand companies (Xtendlife.org) contain age defying ingredients which is unheard of any other skin care lotion. Those natural body lotions contain ingredients such as CynergyTk that increases collagen and elastin, Coenzyme Q10 to prevent oxydation and other ingredients that rejuvenate your skin naturally.